Advanced E-mail Editing Capabilities


There are a few advanced options you can use with our e-mail editor, using HTML. In this page we will demonstrate some of them:
In the campaign editor you can edit the e-mail's subject, content and a call to action that leads to your Appstore/Google Play link.
However, you can add a few more advanced options by clicking on the "Code View" button.
Code view button
After clicking, you'll be able to edit in HTML view:
Code view
A hyperlink is used to direct the user to another page, while not displaying the link.
The format is:
<a href="[address of the page you want to link to]">[Text to be displayed]</a>
For example, if I want to link to Appfront's website, which address is ​, I'll enter:
<a href="">Appfront's Website</a>
And in the e-mail it will look as followed: