Launching a Campaign

The Campaigns just created are not yet active. To activate campaigns, select from the right aligned buttons.

Launch Campaign

After campaign creation, campaign is displayed in the Campaigns List. It will remain disabled until Launch Campaign is selected.
  • By launching, the campaign begins actions selected during campaign creation.

* Please Notice: (when launching campaign) *

  • Campaign state update – It may take time prior to being shown as Processing. Please wait until you see the campaign ‘state’ changes.
  • Page refresh – Refreshing the page immediately after launching the campaign may interfere the campaign creation. Some loading time is needed, and it should refresh by itself.
  • Uploading a customer list – Wait until the entire list has loaded
  • Social / Email campaign - Email addresses must be loaded in order for the campaign to launch
  • Creating a new group - Date must be added for the existing customers last purchase
  • Expiration dates of Campaigns must be set as a future date (at least the next day)
Send Manually – Typically used for “On demand” campaigns. This option sends the coupon manually to selected customer(s). The campaign is sent via SMS and email of selected customer(s).
Send Test – Similar to Send Manually, however, typically used for “life-cycle” campaigns.
Edit – Edit, add, or remove items or rules from the selected campaign.
Campaigns screen
You can quickly view what is the percentage of coupon redemption from the Campaigns screen