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Connect Payment Processor
This section will describe how to open and connect your processor to the Appfront platform


Appfront is running transactions as part of its eCommerce, online ordering module.
Our solution is PCI Level 1 compliance, i.e. the highest level of security for "card not present" (CNP) transactions. Accepting credit cards via internet is much more risky and takes much deeper level of encryption than a card present, i.e. swiping card via POS transaction.
Our solution unique allows:
    Save cards on file, cross platform (mobile, web, etc)
    Fully tokenized
    Vast of anti fraud mechanisms
We support many types of processors around the world and we are constantly adding more providers. In order to connect Appfront to your processor, you will have to share your account credentials with Appfront's integration team.
Please find below explanation of the information you will have to send Appfront in order to connect your payment processor provider

How to connect Stripe

The only thing you need to do is open a Stripe account, and then, click on this link and give us access to route transactions to your account:
Then navigate to Business Settings > Integration and toggle on the Process payments unsafely option. You will be asked to confirm that you know what you are doing before you can apply the setting. At the end of the process you should receive a link string that looks like this (see below) - please send us the string you received:
"access_token": "sk_live_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", }

How to connect Braintree

First, create your Braintree account:
Now follow the steps:
Go to -> My Account -> My user
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API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys -> View Authorizations.
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Click View under Private Key in order to see your Merchant ID, public & private keys, and environment Send Appfront:
    Public Key
    Private Key
    Merchant ID
In your Braintree account, make sure the following unsupported features are disabled:
    Hosted Fields
    Fraud Tools
    Alternative Payment Methods

How to connect First Data

Open PayEeazy Account

PayEezy its the official First Data Gateway Api platform, which allow to connect online transaction directly to your First Data account. Appfront Gateway connects directly to PayEezy so when your customer place an order online, it will go directly to your bank account via PayEezy gateway

Activate your Account

First time you enter to your account you will have to update the initial password, and update your contact info.
To LOGIN to your Payeezy account, just user the following link:​

Get Api Credentials

    Login to the First Data portal.
    Go to Administration > Terminals
    Provide the Gateway ID [A]
    Generate a password using the button or create your own password. GENERATE password [B]
Get Api Credentials

Send Credentials to Appfront

Please send the following credentials and information to Appfront:
    Business name: Your Brand Name
    Store Name/Id: [South Beach. Miami]
    PayEezy User name: XXXXX
    Password [Updated]: YYYYY
    Gateway ID: ZZZZZZZ

WorldPay / FisGlobal

​We are connected to Express Gateway via Spreedly (ApplicationID-8619).
In order to provide us with the required information to set up the processor - if you have an eCommerce account - please follow the instructions below:
    Log into or create an account at​
    Select EC account
    Select "Self Service" from left side navigation
    Confirm "Merchant" appears in center of screen drop down and hit red "+"
    Four tabs will appear, select "Processing Details"
Please provide us with the following:
    Account ID: XXXXXXXX
    Acceptor ID: XXXXXXXXX
    Default Terminal ID: XXXXXX
    StoreCard Password: XXXXXX
Application number (ApplicationID) for Spreedly is 8619

How to connect Vantiv

Step 1: need to fill up the following information:

For each store:
    Location / Business name
    American Express Merchant ID number (if they have one)
    Maximum transaction amount
    Bank account (routing/account number) that each location needs their payments to fund into
    Billing code descriptor
    Customer support contact number
    Main point of contact (name, number, email, title) if that contact is not going to be you for each location
Please upload all the information to the attached spreadsheet.
Vantiv Onboarding 12-5-18.xlsx
Vantiv On boarding Spreadsheet

Step 2: Appfront rep will make an intro to your Vantiv account manager

Step 3: Send us your account credentials once your account is ready

Vantiv will send you a welcome email with all the details / credentials Appfront will need to connect. Usually the credentials are sent without password, and the merchant owner should connect directly and take it.
The email subject would be: Start processing with Worldpay
Send us the user, merchant id and password (call this number - only the owner can get it)

Very Important!

AMEX and Discover you should connect by yourself. Vantiv connect Visa and MC automatically. The others you should take care of it

Toast Processing

How does it work?

Integrating AppFront transactions to process directly with Toast processing:
    AppFront able to send orders to Toast with payments that go directly through your POS, and not a separate payment gateway / processor (i.e., World-pay, First Data, Stripe, Braintree, etc)
    Your online ordering payment batch will be together with Toast - same time, same processing pricing.

What does it mean on the day to day?

You are doing everything directly from your Toast POS. No need to do nothing on the AppFront side.
    Void And Refund - now you can do it directly from Toast POS (and not from AppFront portal)
    Partial Refunds! - can be done directly from Toast as well (no need to contact [email protected])
    Edit checks and add items - now you can also find the checks in Toast, and add more items for example
    Save credit card information as before - Your customers will still be able to save their credit card details on the App / online ordering, but after the transfer to the Toast payments, they will need to re-enter their credit card information

Special Set Up in Toast

Currently, once you connect the online ordering, Toast "acts" like it is an in-store transaction (same as swiping card), and generate a receipt with a signature line.
This is a known issue in Toast and they will update it in future release (no availble dates - we will keep you posted once we get an update). In the meantime, there are a few workaround that can be done:

Zeamster (Fortis)

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