FAQ - Before Going Live

This section will tell you everything you need to now just before going live fully blast


So, everything was set, and we are ready to go live! but now when it's get real, you probably have a few questions that are related to the day to day and we never had a chance to discuss the "real life" - no probelm! this is exactly why this section for. Your question is not there, feel free to contact your account manager

Operational Day to Day


1)Make sure Only ONE Device in store is Turned ON

2) Make tickets print automatically to kitchen

Online Order Set Up
Send Orders to Kitchen

Kitchen Display Not Showing

You need to make sure that you choose the Appfront serving option to print on the device. Under settings -> Ticket display options:

Operational Hours

> Configure
> > Locations
> > > Edit

Store Hours

Edit the store hours for specific day. [Set "00:00" to "00:00"]
Pick Up Hours

Delivery Hours

> Configure
> > Locations
> > > Edit
> > > > Search for "Delivery Areas"
> > > > > Edit
Edit Delivery Hours

Quick Turn (On/Off) Location

There is an option to quickly turn On and Off a store. Need to just toggle the "Visibile in app".
> Configure
> > Locations
> > > edit location
--> toggle
Change Toggle

How to Void/Refund Order

Go TO:
> Activity Log
> > search the order you would like to refund
Click Refund

"86" Something - quick live menu update

Live updates can be done through Toast POS or through Appfront portal.
Through Toast POS - just update the inventory status of the item:
After saving the menu in Toast, the update should be immediate - (up to 2 minutes until updated in Appfront and in the online ordering)
Through Appfront portal - This is a location based update (you might want to do it on a specific store), therefore:
Go TO:
> Configure
> > Locations
> > Edit
> > >
POS Items Temporarily Unavailable
For 24 hours - will be refreshed and returnn on the following morning
Remove items Permanently

Delivery Zones and Pricing

Add Delivery Serving Option

> Configure
> > Menu
> > > Set Up [Tab]
Serving Options:
Add new serving option
Future (after today)

Define Delivery Area Zone (pricing, distance, hours)

Once serving option is enabled - you can define delivery zone.
> Configure
> > Locations
> > Edit
> > > Edit Delivery Area

Confirm Order in POS

How do I reach AppFront Support ?

Please send email to: [email protected] Make sure you mention in your email subject:
  1. 1.
    Root cause problem
  2. 2.
    Store name
Our support team is here for you for any question and will be happy to assist you accordig to our SLA.

AppFront Service Level Agreement

TBD - Appfront is working on a new updated SLA
  • 12 hours - 0.5 business day
  • 24 hours - 1 business day
  • 48 hours - 2 business days
Response Time - does NOT mean resolution.
Critical - will be handled immediately - ASAP

Online ordering / Delivery Questions

Q: We have "balance due", how can fix that?

Balance due means that there is a pricing mismatch and/or menu item was not mapped correctly. All orders in your Appfront Activity log should be GREEN.

Q: If a customer schedules a online pick up how long will the ticket wait to AUTO FIRE?

The ticket will auto-fire according to the prep-time set to the "pickup" serving option in the Appfront portal. For example, if the order is scheduled for 1 PM and the prep-time is set to 20 minutes, the order will auto-fire at 12:40 PM. To set this prep-time, go to our portal > Configure > Menu > Setup (Tab) > Serving Options:
Setting prep-time for pickup serving option

Q: If a customer schedules an online delivery when will the ticket fire in relation to when a driver will come to pick up the order?

It's the amount of minutes the delivery area is set to. eg. in your area the delivery time is 30, if a customer would order for 4 pm, the delivery man should arrive at 3:30 PM. (see screenshot at the bottom).

Q: If a customer orders a delivery order and they leave a tip for delivery does that tip go to 3rd party or does it go to the merchant account?

All transactions processed through Appfront go directly to the merchant. we do not transfer any sum to 3rd parties. the money is wired directly to your processor that you've specified when starting to work with us and does not go through any other medium.

Q: Delivery tax, can we set it up?

Yes, go to location, edit and change the following. Different states might have different regulations thats why its per location set up.
toggle "Should tax" - Yes

Q: our breakfast menu is time senstive, can we make breakfast menu available only during certain hours?

Yes! you can set up specific hours to specific menu items through Appfront Portal. Go to menu categoty and edit the availability hours. See example: