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Setting Up the Campaign's E-mail
How to design an e-mail in a campaign

To use an e-mail in a campaign you must make sure 3 items are showing:

First, at the top the Email button is checked.
Second, "By email" is chosen at the "Notify customer" field.
Third, the E-mail field has been filled.
To create an email campaign, scroll below Campaign Features and select the small mail icon tab rather than the phone icon.

Designing your E-mail

Subject – Create a subject line for the email
Header Image – Select Image and Upload for the header of the email (note: the picture must be below 400 KB).
Email content – Add/edit content for the email that is sent to customer(s)
Note: Every change made will display on the right side of the window

Email Add-ons:

Button Text – Button is connected to the app. Clicking on said button will open the app. Text can be altered for the specific button.
    Example: To the App
Video ID – Insert a video’s URL to show a video to customers upon opening the email.
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E-mail Campaign screen

Complete Creating Campaign

When finished setting up Campaign, scroll down to click Create Campaign.
Using the button and video feature are highly recommended, as they increase brand loyalty and sales over time.
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