Become a Digital Restaurant

My app is live, my online ordering is beautiful, Im ready to explode!

Overview - Appfront Tech is the Growth Engine for Restaurant

This section will take to the process of becoming a Digital Restaurant. There are 3 important stages in becoming a digital restaurant: (ask yourself where are you at so we'll be able to move to the next step

  • Beginner - your digital sales is up to 10% of your business

  • Intermediate - your digital sales is 10%-25% of your business

  • Fast Grower - +25% of your sales are digital

Appfront mission will be to help you move up the stages and help you grow your business, FAST!

Capture your customers data is the MOST important thing!

Our marketing campaigns have proved to create a high level of engagement with customers and are powerful tools. Appfront is working with many fast growing chains and we are working these days on putting everything under our manual.

- Stay tuned!

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