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How to Refund an Order?
The section will explain how to refund an order that was marked to the POS
Orders and transactions are marked to the POS and will be part of EOD reports. In order to refund an order you will need to make sure to 1)Void it in the POS (like every ordinary transaction), But in addition to that you will have to 2) Refund at Appfront portal.
Why do I need to refund in Appfront dashboard as well ? because voiding in the POS does NOT triggered voiding in online transaction. Only transactions the were made in the POS can be voided in the POS.
How do I refund ?
Step 1 - Login to your portal
Step 2 - Go to "Activity Log"
Step 3 - Search for your ticket: using the customer's mobile number [Use the queries to choose your store and the right time frame] (Don't forget to press submit)
Step 4: Locate your order - and Press Refund
Step 5 - Order was refunded: refund confirmation will be in RED (which means your order was refunded in the Appfront portal which will trigger void to the processor as well)
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Last modified 2yr ago
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