Location Editor

The "Location Editor" allows you to edit the location and several parameters.

Below is a broad view of the screen, after the different boxes will be presented.

Visible in App

The visible in app allows you to quickly turn off an on the location. when the switch is turned off, the location will not show on the app or web.

General text

You can edit the text that will be shown to your client in the app.

Tax Percentage & Menu

  • Tax percentage - how much the tax is in this location.

  • Branch Menu Type - if there are different prices at different locations, each menu will have it's own prices. you can have multiple locations with the same menu. (eg. one menu for all the stores in Ohio, and one menu for all the stores in Texas).

Pickup Radius & Timezone

  • Pickup Radius - how far can a customer be while ordering. the default is everywhere, but you can limit a customer to only order once they are close enough to the branch. Distance is measured in meters.

  • Timezone - If you have stores across multiple states you can define the time zone per location.

Pickup Hours

You can define when the store is open. to set a location opening hours from 0:00 to 0:00 effectively closes the location.

Location Image

You can change the photo being displayed to the customer in the "Choose location" screen on the app / web.

POS Items Unavailable

If you ran out of a certain product, you can define it to be temporarily or permanently unavailable.

You can mark both items and modifiers as unavailable (eg. pizzas, or olives). unavailable items will be hidden.

  • Temporarily Unavailable - automatically returns to be available for order within 24 hours.

  • Permanently Unavailable - remains unavailable until manually returned.

Delivery Areas

You can enable & disable different delivery areas, or create new ones.

Not sure how to create a delivery area? check below:

pageSetting up Delivery Areas

Location Parameters

On the bottom right there is a list of parameters that can be switched on & off:

  • Should forget past order item preferences:

    • No - a customer can order his last order in this location, and preferences from his last order will not be saved (eg. if a customer ordered a pizza with olives).

    • Yes - All preferences from last order will be saved.

  • Should add text comments per item:

    • No - A customer can not add free text to a menu item.

    • Yes - A customer can add text to any dish and it will be printed on the ticket.

  • Should tax on delivery price: (Mainly for US businesses).

    • No - Delivery price is non-taxed (tax is 0%).

    • Yes - Delivery price is taxed as shown in location's tax percentage.

  • Disable cash payments:

    • No - Cash payments allowed.

    • Yes - Only credit card payments allowed.

  • Disable credit card payments:

    • No - Credit card payments allowed.

    • Yes - Only cash payment is allowed.

  • Disable delivery tip:

    • No - A customer can pay a delivery tip on the app.

    • Yes - No tip option is presented to the customer.

  • Disable future day ordering:

    • No - A customer can order for a different date than today.

    • Yes - A customer can only order for today.

Both "delivery tip" option & "future option" are disabled by default on the business level. if this option is required please contact Appfront support at support@appfront.ai

POS Parameters

Here are the different parameters for integration with the POS. Parameters may vary according to the POS system.

DO NOT change anything in these fields without consulting with Appfront support first. wrong parameters could cause orders to fail!

Additional Sender(s)

You can send in addition to the POS orders to e-mail and as text to a mobile phone number. You can have multiple e-mails to send orders to.

Restrict to serving option:

You can send e-mails or texts to specific recipients for a specific serving option. (eg. you can send an e-mail to an external delivery company only for deliveries)

General notice regarding updating parameters

Most of the parameters in this screen are fixed, and are not changed frequently. Therefore not all changes will appear on the app immediately.

The following items will trigger a refresh from the server, and will be updated in the app within 5-15 minutes:

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