Each menu holds a list of categories, and can be shown or hidden.
Different menus can be used to keep the app menu in order, or to have a set menu for winter and summer without changing the menu each time.

How to create a new menu

To create a new menu you simply press on "Add menu" and name the new menu. it's that easy.
Add menu is always the last option in the "Menu" screen

Hiding and showing a menu

Marking a menu for pickup means showing it on the app. or in other words, a menu that is not checked "For Pickup" is hidden from the app.
When hovering over the menu - Press the edit icon (pencil) and edit the "For Pickup" checkbox. Then save your changes.
In the example below you can see 2 menus:
  • Menu, marked for pickup.
  • Seasonal Menu, not marked for pickup.

Editing and other features

When you hover over a menu you see 4 options on the right, listed below from left to right:
  • Pencil icon - allows you to edit.
  • Copy - Copy an entire menu with all of it's contents.
  • Delete - Delete an entire menu. This cannot be undone.
  • 3 lines (hamburger) - drag a menu up or down to change the order of appearance in the app.

Sub category

Marking a menu as a "sub category" menu moves the entire menu down one level. ie. a menu becomes a category, a category becomes an item, and an item becomes a size option.
This is highly useful for pizzas or other items which hold different modifiers per size / option.