Introduction to Dispatch

End-to-end delivery solution. Connect your online ordering to a 3rd party delivery company, save time, money, and delivery staff management.

How does it work?

Seamlessly. When your customers (our end users) place an order either on Mobile or desktop, our platform fires the order first directly to your POS. At the same time, we connect to the 3rd party delivery provider and schedule a delivery pick up for the order.

The default preparation time set up is 15 minutes, meaning we will schedule a delivery 15 minutes after the order was sent to the kitchen.

Customer Facing Experience

Placing Delivery Order:

Once the order is sent, Appfront sends the order to POS, and Dispatch to Delivery Providers:

Email Confirmation:

Once the order is placed, the customer will receive a confirmation email to his mailbox.

Live Map:

Once the order is placed our system will calculate and trigger the delivery mission at the right time automatically. Then, the customer will receive an SMS TEXT and Push with a link to a live map:

Tracking an order on Appfront Back Office

In case you need to track an order, for any reason - where is the delivery guy? did the order was arrived? etc, go to your Appfront Back office, and under the activit log, seach for the customer. `Plaese notice the every order that was sent to 3rd party, gets a "Delivery Tracking code" once a delivery is triggered. (**future orders will be triggered at "the right time).

Go to AppFront Back Office:

From Appfront Activity Log - Click the Tracking:

In case you don't see a tracking code, please check our "Delivery Troubleshooting" page.

Payments / Delivery Commission

Appfront acts as a gateway between the merchant and the 3rd party delivery company. We charge the customer / end-user directly to the merchant's account, and the merchant will pay the delivery commission directly to the 3rd party delivery provider.

Dispatch for In-store Orders

Trigger Dispatch

In order to trigger Dispatch - the order must be a PAID order

Online Order

All online orders are PAID by default - either by Cash, or by credit card. Meaning, Dispatch will be trigger automatically

In-Store / Keyed In

Order MUST be PAID in order to trigger Doordash. Need to make sure.

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