Revel Loyalty

This is an explanation about Revel Loyalty integration an how the discounts in Appfront connect to the discounts in Revel

Web Hook

For the loyalty in Revel to work with Appfront, it is important to make sure that Revel has set up a Webhook for all transactions:

This is the way Revel informs the Appfront servers that a transaction has been made.


When creating a campaign in Appfront with a gift, upon saving, this same gift will be created in Revel in the following way:

In our example, the name of the gift (Coupon Title) is: Gratuliere: 10 Besuche

Once saving the campaign, in the revel backend you will be able to find the gift name under Products > Product Groups

Going in to edit this product group will show all of the products attached to the campaign (that were added previously when creating the campaign in Appfront):

Please make sure all of the items that you would like to be available IN STORE while scanning are marked correctly in this product group in ALL locations.

This product group is connected to the final customer that receives the gift in the following way:

When the campaign is created for the first time, other than creating the product group in Revel, automatically the following connectors are created:

A discount that is connected to the product group above:

Under CRM > Customer Groups, you will find the same name as a customer group

This customer group will have all of the customers who currently have this coupon in their account

When a gift is handed out in Appfront (manually or by a lifecycle trigger), the customer is added automatically to this customer group

When the customer redeems the gift, weather online or by scanning, the customer will be removed from this group (as long as his balance of this gift in his account on Appfront is 0)

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