Customers Export / Import

Importing your existing customer data base from your other platforms


Appfront allows you to import your loyalty database from a previous provider (either POS or other loyalty provider) into Appfront's platform. Please note that only customers that are part of the loyalty program (i.e. "members") are allowed to use these features.
This section will explain how to import your customer database from previous or other platforms.

Toasttab POS

If you would like to transfer your Toast loyalty into Appfront, we will need to import your existing customer database from Toast. This will enable your customers to continue gathering points and / or maintain their loyalty status once switching to Appfront.
VERY IMPORTANT!! Send us the files as they are downloaded from Toast!!
Some editors (such as OSX numbers and Google sheets) may change some fields which can cause some customers to be uploaded with incorrect loyalty points or without any points at all.
Please send us the files IMMEDIATELY AFTER DOWNLOADING, before opening them with Google Sheets, Excel etc.

Export your customers' data from Toast

Two files are required:
In your Toast portal, go to Guest Loyalty under Analytics & Reports:
File 1: Loyalty point balance information - this file is the relevant file for uploading the customers' points to the Appfront system
  1. 1.
    Choose Rewards Accounts
  2. 2.
    Select all fields (as seen in the image below)
  3. 3.
    Export by clicking the download button next to the Show/hide columns button
If you have more than one store, make sure to select all stores before exporting:

Excel Spreadsheet


Please send the files to Appfront's support team via [email protected] with the following subject: Customers Data Base import for "Your restaurant name". Make sure you send the latest/updated status. For live systems, we recommend to begin the process on Mondays/Tuesdays.