Using a Scanner for In-Store

This section will explain anything you need to know about scanners. Why should I use a scanner, how to set up a scanner and which scanner should I buy.


Why should I use a scanner?

A scanner it's probably currently the best way to connect with your customers on the store level. It allows your customers to redeem coupons. accumalte points, count visits and more. Its a great way to connect your customer's digital identity with real purchase at the store. Best fit for scanners are usually Quick Servicer / Over the counter type of restaurants. Dine in restaurants can also enjoy the benefit of scanning, but taking a picture of the QR code with the waiter's device (i.e., ToastGo device).

Where should I buy my scanner ? Go Cheap (er) or Go Safe

Like everyhing in the world today, you can buy your scanner from Amazon. But, you won't get support for that, and when you'll have a problem connecting your scanner, you will find yourself wishing you bought it directly from your POS company. Our suggetion, but the first one, directly from your POS. Get the support and make sure you are enjoyning from the soltuon.

Use a Scanner or Tablet's camera ?

There is another option which to scan the customer's QR code with the tablet camera. Our suggestion is to do whatever is more comfort to your business. Again, go big, dont go cheap. If you have lines full of people, scanner is the right soltuon for you.

Which Scanner should I buy?

  • Toast - Currently available through the default POS cameras only.
  • Revel - Honeywell voyager 2D 1400

Connecting Scanner

How to connect Scanner to Toast?

Connect the scanner to the pos via USB
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How to connect a Scanner to Revel?

Honeywall 2D Scanner
Connect to Revel's Hub

Using the Scanner[Video]

Scanning QR code from App
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