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Landing page campaigns
Connect an external landing page to an Appfront campaign
Sometimes it can be very worthwhile to trigger a gift from an external source. For example, if a customer fills out a survey, on the last page, it would be nice to lead the customer to a page where they can leave their details, and this would trigger a gift in their account.
This can be done with the Appfront landing page campaigns.
In order to create a landing page campaign, just create a regular campaign in the Appfront dashboard, and choose Campaign Trigger: Landing Page Campaign.
You can now create a page (any page in your website) which contains a form with the following fields: Name, Phone number and email.
The page will link to the campaign you created in the Appfront dashboard, and when a customer fills in their details on the page you created, Appfront will send that customer the campaign.
Please find below the details of how to send the customer details (filled out in the form) automatically to Appfront; you may provide the details to the person who builds the landing page for further review:

policyId & group:

Can be found in the Appfront portal, open the landing page campaign and from the URL extract the campaignId, and copy the group exactly as it is written in the User Groups field of the campaign:


The name of your .business all lower case with no spaces

phonenumber & email :

These fields should be text fields available for the customer to sign in to.
Last modified 8mo ago