Create Link To Order From Specific Branch

Sending links to users with a specific branch to order from

Getting Your Branch ID

Sometimes, we want to quicken the process for users who are already committed to a certain branch by sending them an email or a notification with a short link sending them straight to order from their usual branch at their favorite restaurant.

  1. First step is to open the application and choose the specified branch in the find location page.

  2. Next, you will be in the menu page of the app, notice the link at the top of the page should be in the following form:{branchId}&branchName={branchName}... Copy the branch ID number, we will need it to create the link.

The branch ID will be a sequence of characters.

For example: branchId=5a82f292a6aed875f7d41f7b

This link will send the user to the "choose your serving option" page. After they have chosen a serving option, they will be directed to the menu page skipping the find location page.

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