AppFront customers tab allow you to manage, look up for and search your customers through the AppFront data base


Looking up for a customers can be done by searching the customer's number (unique key - most recommended), email or name on the search bar.

Got to customers' tab and search for the customer phone number.

Customer Status

There are 2 states for a customer:

  1. Enabled - the customer is registered.

  2. Not Enabled - the customer places an order without registering.


Under the customer profile, there are a few options to edit/update the customer profile info.

Manual add points

Locate the customer you would like to add points to, by searching the customer. Once located, on the right side, you should see the customer's profile

Scroll down to click on "Add a visit / Payment":

Add Purchase Amount according to the amount of points / cash back you would like to add to the customer and press the GREEN button.

Event Activities

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