Add Portal Users

Give restricted permissions to other users who will be able to configure their locations, see campaign results and create campaigns

Adding a new user

Under configure > Admin users you can find the following form:
Adding a local user form
  • User Name - the email of the local user which will be his username to login to the Appfront portal.
  • Password - the password for this user.
  • Authorized Branches - the locations this customer will be able to view and edit and whose customers he will be able to target with campaigns.
  • Permissions - permissions that are enabled for this customer, if no permissions are added, the basic permissions include viewing activity log of transactions in the authorized branches and the ability to edit the location hours and visibility.

Permission Levels

  • Minimum
    • Open/close locations.
    • Change locations' opening hours.
    • Viewing the activity log and issuing refunds.
  • Campaigns
    • The permissions of the Minimum level.
    • Editing and launching Campaigns.
  • Locations
    • The permissions of the Minimum level.
    • Editing locations.
  • Full
    • Full administrator access.
All permission levels may be restricted to specific locations if needed, except Full admin level.

Creating Full admin access

In order to grant a user full admin access, please create them as regular admins with no permissions and sent an email to [email protected] to grant them full access.

Editing an existing user

On the Admin Users page please find 🗑️and ✏️ - Delete and edit