Attaching Images to Coupons & Campaigns

Enhance your customers experience by attaching images to coupons and email campaigns.


Your customers are probably getting tons of marketing emails. A well thought out image will make your campaign stand out.
This guide is here to assist you on choosing images for coupons that will be shown on ordering platforms and for email campaigns.
Recommended sizes will be described as [width(in pixels) x height(in pixels)], while you can provide larger size images with the similar ratio if not passing the size limit. Image resolution should be 300dpi, image size should be up to 400kb.

Supported Platforms

  • Native Apps (Android and iOS)
  • Desktop Web
  • Mobile Web (for mobile phones and tablets)

Centering Image Subject

Image for an email campaign or a coupon is shown both on mobile devices and on bigger screens for desktop and laptops therefore make sure you are centering image subject area accordingly:
Centering image subject in the 1/3 center area of both axis is essential to prevent cropped main image parts, leave the rest of the image as empty as possible.
It is recommended not to write your main campaign or coupon offering on the margins because it might be cropped on some devices.
Choosing an image with transparent background generally results in a more aesthetic experience

Email Campaigns Images

Email campaigns template has the following appearance:

Email Campaign Image Requirements

Dimensions: 1400 X 1000 (recommended)
File size: 400KB (max)
Styling advice
Try making the image pop out by creating a cool overlay shape on top of a transparent background. You can only use .png images for transparent backgrounds.

Coupon Images

Coupons are shown on your mobile apps and website in the Rewards/Gifts section similarly to the way a menu item is shown. Therefore, they almost have the same requirements - see the full guide here.
If you are adding text when styling your coupon offer, make sure to place it in the 1/9 center of the image in order to avoid cropping on some screen ratios.
Coupon Image Dimensions: 1000 X 600
File size: 400KB (max)
Coupons will be shown in the following way on apps and online ordering websites: