Removing an Item From a Specific Store

You have 3 ways to remove an item from the store:

1. Remove the Item from the Menu:

  1. Go to Configure -> Menu-> Select the item.

  2. Under "Unavailable in" select from a scroll down menu the specific store that you want the item to be removed.

2. Remove the Item from the Location (Menu):

  1. Go to Configure ->Locations-> Select the location.

  2. Uncheck the item from the menu (on the right side of the page, under the locations picture).

3. Remove the Item from the Location (POS Items Permanently / Temporarily Unavailable):

  1. Go to Configure -> Locations -> Select the location.

  2. Select the item under the POS Items Permanently / Temporarily Unavailable bar.

    You'd have to type the item's name and then choose from a scroll down menu.

You can select multiple items easily this way:

The difference between the two options (Permanently and Temporarily) is that the Temporarily option would not remove the item from your menu but will make it unavailable for the customer to order.

The Permanently option would hide the item from the menu completely.

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