Setting up Delivery Areas

To add a delivery area go to Configure -> Location -> click the desired location -> +New Area

Next, fill the relevant fields:

Area Name

Name your delivery area

Delivery Price

Price that will be added to the order for the delivery.

Advanced Delivery Price

You can enable advanced pricing by pressing the option near the Delivery Price field.

Then, you can set price ranges (for the order's subtotal) and then set a delivery price for each range.

For example, the initial delivery price here is 6.99, then, if a customer reaches a subtotal of 10-50 the delivery price would be 4.99, and if the subtotal is 50-100 the delivery price would be 2.5.

Minimum Order Amount

The minimum amount of that the order needs to pass.

Free Delivery Order Amount

The amount that a costumer needs to pass for the delivery to be free of charge (e.g. if a customer's order is over a 100$, there is no delivery fee).

Delivery Time Duration (in minutes)

The maximum amount of time since the order is placed until the delivery arrives to its destination. The time to be displayed to the customer is the delivery time + the pickup time (for example, 35 minutes delivery time + 25 minute prep time will display to the customer 60 minutes). You can set the delivery prep time here.

[Circle Area Radius]

The radius of the delivery area, in miles or kilometers. *if you want to use this option you would have to draw an estimated circle and then modify it with this option

You can also create a shape of your choosing instead of a circle by clicking the "Draw a shape" button

Now you can simply click anywhere on the map and start creating your shape.

Delivery Hours - click "+Add more Hours" and choose your delivery hours by day.

For the last step you would have to check the box on the right of your new delivery area.

Disabling Delivery Areas

In order to disable the delivery area, simply uncheck the box next to the delivery area's name

External Delivery Providers

You can set a delivery provider by the location level and by the delivery area level.

In order to disable the external deliveries, please choose the empty option within the providers list.

By the Location Level

Choose the designated provider and add a delay (which is relevant for immediate orders only):

By the Delivery Area Level

If you want to override the settings, for example set a specific delivery area for in-house deliveries, you may override the delivery provider within the delivery area:

Delivery Areas


How to set up a polygon:

Multiple Delivery Areas

You can add multiple delivery areas and set different prices and parameters.

If there are two delivery areas that overlap, the system will charge the customer for the cheapest delivery fee that meets the criteria.

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