Revel Troubleshooting

Common errors that occur when sending orders from Appfront to Revel. This page will guide you through all of the issues you will experience when working with Revel and how to fix them.

Problem : Modifier does not exist

{"error":{"message":"ERROR","details":{"message":"Modifier ({'modifierClass__establishment': ####-#### - ID: 1, 'active': True, 'barcode': u'100000001912'}) does not exist."},"code":0},"status":"ERROR"}

This usually means that an item modifier is connected to a product barcode. For example in the Spaghetti bucket the Sausage modifier has been connected to the barcode 100000001912 which is the Sausage product's barcode.


  • Find the error in the activity log and note the item and modifiers that got an error

  • Copy the barcode that was not found and search for it in the Appfront portal in: Configuration > Menu > POS

  • Find the correct barcode in revel for the modifier of the ordered item. In our example the problematic item was Bucket of Spaghetti

  • Now we can go into the Bucket of Spaghetti item in Appfront and fix the modifier linkage of sausage

  • Save and the problem is solved

Problem: Modifier limit is incorrect


The item in Appfront is not configured with the same minimum / maximum modifier limits as in Revel

Solution: Fix the item in Appfront to the correct minimum / maximum limits

The limit in Appfront for this modifier group is 4, but as can be seen there is no limit because the Max with Extra Fee is greater than the 4, and there is a fee of 2.1

What is Min, Max included, Max With Extra Fee and Extra Fee?

Min: The minimum required choices in this modifier group

Max included: The maximum allowed number of choices that are included in the price of the product (with no additional fee)

Max with Extra Fee: The maximum allowed number of choices that can be chosen for this modifier group.

Extra Fee: The fee that will be charged for any modifier that is chosen that is above the count of the maximum included and within the max with extra fee.

For example - a salad with 2 toppings that are included in the price of the salad, a total of 7 allowed toppings, each added topping over the included 2 will be at the price of $1 - will be configured as follows: Min: 0 Max included: 2 Max with Extra Fee: 7 Extra Fee: 1

So since revel has a limit of 4 and isn't expecting any more, we need to remove the modifier group option to have above the maximum with fee

Now the customers will not be able to select more than 4 modifiers for this modifier group and the orders will not fail

Problem: NO modifiers are added to an item without having removed the modifiers

Solution: the modifier is connected to an incorrect barcode in Appfront

In Revel, an item can be configured with default modifiers. This means that if a default modifier is not sent in the order the modifier will print as 'NO Modifier'.

In our example we sent a Seasonal Bowl with kale, but 'NO Kale' was printed.

When looking at the Seasonal Bowl configuration in Revel

As can be seen the Seasonal Bowl has a default (DFLT) modifier of Kale. The modifier group that holds the kale is named "Bowl Base Green". Lets go to Modifiers in Revel and find this modifier group in order to find the correct barcode for the Kale.

Going back to Appfront we can see that the modifier in the Seasonal Bowl is connected to a different barcode:

So change the connection to 100000006085 and everything should be printed out correctly.

If the modifier doesn't show up in the link dropdown, you will need to add it to the POS tab - under Configuration > Menu > POS > Add Item

Problem : Product price is incorrect:

ERROR: sent to REVEL POS and received error - Received return value: {"error":{"message":"INCORRECT_PRODUCT_PRICE","details":{"price":2.50,"product_id":XX,"name":" Dr. Pepper"},"code":0},"status":"ERROR"}

Solution: The price of the product in Revel should be the SAME as the one in Appfront

All you have to do is change the price in Appfront to be similar to the one on Revel.

To do that go to Configuration-> Menu select the item (in this case the item is Dr. Pepper) and change the item's Price to the price that is written in the error (2.50).

If You want to change the price in Revel you go to Products->Find the item->Click edit

Now simply change the price of the item , click Save and finally click "Push Changes"

Problem: Delivery Fee is in minus in POS

Solution: Set Delivery Fee in Revel

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