A2P 10DLC SMS text marketing

A mandatory compliance requirement to send SMS text marketing. Please read carefully and with attention!

A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-digit long code) is a new regulation that carriers & brands must abide by in order to send marketing text messages. It is mandatory to register to A2P 10DLC in order to send awesome & engaging marketing texts that your customers will love! The registration process is simple - please read the information below then fill the form at the end of the page.

Registering to A2P 10DLC means your brand's texts will be recognized as legitimate, non-spam marketing, which will ensure a high deliverability rate. This also means your brand will be assigned a dedicated number, which is great from a marketing point of view (: Registering an A2P 10DLC number incurs a monthly $50 price, which is required by the carriers and 3rd party vetting companies that handle the brand compliance process (not by us!). This fee will be added to your monthly Appfront invoice. Please note that this doesn't affect your per-text fee! Registration usually takes about 4-5 business days, sometimes taking a shorter time and sometimes longer. This is due to the process being handled by 3rd party companies which we have no control of, but we make sure to push it when they are being too slow (: For brands with a very high marketing volume, more than 1 number may be required. In those cases, we will make sure to notify you of the requirements and consequences. This isn't expected in most cases. Registering is done by filling an online form with information about your brand. The form has to be filled on a per-brand basis - meaning, if you have a single business on Appfront with 20 locations, it only has to be filled once! The details should be those of the "parent company" that is recognized by the tax authorities. If some of your locations are franchises with a different legal name, this is OK. It is imperative that you fill the details, such as Legal Name, Business Address, EIN etc., as precisely as possible! Please make sure to take a look at your official IRS documents to make sure that the details you fill in the form are 100% correct. An example document is the "WE ASSIGNED YOU AN EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER" document from the IRS, that is a response to form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number) as is seen in this example:

Failing to send the exact details will get your brand rejected and the A2P 10DLC onboarding process will take a longer time. Click here to fill the form and get onboarded with our awesome text marketing capabilities! There is no need to reach out to us - once the process is complete, we will notify you.

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