Design Editor


Each component have fields and parameters that can be changed, such as colors, fonts, padding, borders etc.

Please watch THIS video, which explains what the different fields affects on the component. The example is on the buttons - note that some of the fields are showing too much difference, but they might be more effective in other components.

Main Components


Controls all the buttons of the platform; editing other buttons components (e.g. homepage buttons) will override the changes of this component.


Controls most of the 'cards' in the platform, such as the location's background image, menu items, serving option background, modifiers background etc - below is an example of the checkout screen cards

Card Title

Controls the titles of most of the cards (see Cards above) - below is an example of a card title with uppercase

Controls the header of the platform

Header Login Button

Controls the login button at the top right side of the platform - also the 'Login' version and also the human head icon version

Controls the bottom line of the desktop version, where it says 'Terms of Service, Privacy Policy


Controls the serving option tabs in the location selection page - see example below of tabs in black color

Tab Selected

Controls the SELECTED TAB only - see example below of the selected tab in uppercase

Locate Me Button

Controls the Locate Me button, as can see in the example above (under Tabs)


Controls all the components that the customer can enter text in, such as the 'Enter address' text bar in the location page, order date and time (see below with gray background), Enter Promo Code bar, birthday date when signing up etc

Title On Background

Controls the menu categories in the actual menu (not in the categories bar!)


Controls the signup title (in gray below) and greeting (in red below)

Gifts Header Title

Controls the 'Redeem a Reward or Share' title, in 'My Rewards' section

Deal Badge (price)

Controls the price view of deals only

List Card Title

Controls the titles of the menu items only

Location Select Card

Controls the location selection card without the image section - see in gray background below

Slim Button

Controls the 'Contact us' and 'Send a gift card' buttons on the homepage, along with 'Order for later' button on the locations selection page, the 'Add a promo code' and 'Allergens' buttons on the menu screen

Warning Message Notice

Controls the different warnings, such as 'please enable location' - see below in pink background

Category Menu

Controls the menu categories bar (left bar in desktop, top bar in mobile)

Controls the '{serving option} from {location}' section - see example below in pink

Controls the prices in the menu

Service Option Card

Controls the serving option card, where you can select the time and date of the order (see below in gray background)

Service Option Title

Controls only the title of the serving option in the serving option card (see above)

Controls only the 'change' button in the serving option card (see above)

Home Page Components

Home Buttons Mobile\Desktop - Controls the buttons of the homepage only

Home First Title: Controls 'Welcome to' in desktop

Home Mobile First Title: Controls 'Welcome to' in mobile

Home Second Title: Controls the business name (second title, after 'Welcome to') in mobile

Home Main Title Desktop: Controls the business name (second title, after 'Welcome to') in desktop

Home Extra Title Desktop: Controls the 'Let's get started' title

Start New Order Popup Title: Controls the 'what would you like to do' line in the 'Start New Order' popup, see below in black background

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