POS Tab - POS Items

Item Codes (Main Table)

The POS tab allows you to view and add connections to the POS. all POS system (with the exception of Toast) needs to first add PLUs / Barcodes / NetIDs etc. in order to send the order.
You can view this guide for information about POS items, creating them and link them to the menu items:
POS Items - Creating and Linking.pdf
POS Items - Creating and Linking
Every item has a POS no. attached to it, and it is that number that is being sent to the POS. if a number is configured differently in the POS, you could have errors in pricing, products, or the order will fail all together.
The connection works as such:
In order to add a new item (or to be exact - a new connection) you click on "Add item" below the table:
The following screen will pop up:
The "Add New Item" screen
The parameters are to be defined as such:
  • Item Description - the name of your item (recommended to be set as the name in the POS for easy management).
  • Item Code - The item's PLU / Barcode / NetID etc.
  • Price & TA Price - this does not affect the price sent or the price displayed. this is for your own comfort while building a large menu. you can also write down 0.
Below the main table you can have different menu types.
You can have different prices and / or item codes per menu type. this is very useful if you have different pricing across multiple locations.
You can create one menu per location, or if you have several locations with the same pricing (and it will not change) you can have the same menu for a few locations (for example, the same menu for Oregon and another menu for Washington).
To choose which location is connected to which menu you can read this WIKI