Gift Card - End User Experience

The customer experience on digital is on both on Appfront's Native Mobile Apps along side the online ordering platfrom. In this section, we cover the experience from the buyer and recipient points of view separately.

Buyer Experience

The buyer experience is composed of the following (images will follow):
Online Ordering Home Page:
Gift Card Button

Send a Gift Card / Check Balance:

Gift Card Purchase
Confirmation Page:
Buyer Confirmation - Online Ordering
Email Receipt:
Buyer Receipt

Recipient Experience

Once the gift card has been purchased, the recipient's experience is composed of the following:
SMS Notification instructing the recipient to check email:
SMS Notification
Personalized Gift Card email: with content and gift card number + PIN code
Recipient Email

Redemption Process

Customers can easily redeem their gift on the check out page - both on Mobile and Online ordering. The balance will be available for usage automatically:
Check out page - use balance
There are 2 options to link you card - during the checkout process, or under the customer's profile page
Checkout linkage:
Connecting Gift Card from Checkout Page
Under the customer's profile:
Mobile - My Account Page

Check balances

Customer can check on the check out page and/or under their profile
Desktop - Checkout Page