Creating Campaigns

How to create campaigns using Appfront's campaign editor
There are few types of campaign that can be created:

On Demand / Compensation Campaigns

An "On demand" campaign allows you to create in advance a coupon or campaign, and send it to an individual user(s) each time. This is very useful for compensations, and regular coupons to be sent when needed.

Social Campaign

A "Social Campaign" is a one time campaign, meant to be sent to a large number of customers. This is useful for a specific promotion (eg. 50% off your first pizza all week).

Life Cycle Campaigns

Life-Cycle Campaigns are trigger based, continuous, and reward customers with coupons for various events throughout their customer timeline. The life-cycle campaign system supports several types of events or triggers.

Setting up Coupon

Already know how to create a campaign but you are not sure how to set the coupon? then go right to coupon creation.