Categories are the second hierarchy and hold items

they also create some spacing in your menu and allows a customer to jump quickly between them.

Category features

While hovering on a category there are 5 icons on the right:

  • Visible / Hidden - Displays or hides the category in the app.

  • Linkable / Unlinkable - Marking a category as linkable allows customers to use coupons or deals to order items within the category, even if the category is hidden.

  • Edit - Enter the edit category screen

  • Delete - Deleting the category. Cannot be undone.

  • 3 Lines / hamburger - Moving the category up and down to change the order of appearance on the app.

Editing a category

After pressing on the pencil icon the Category editor opens:

On the top of the screen are the same buttons as on the outside, the "Visible" and "Linkable".

Below it are the category's name and description, as they are shown in the app.

Setting Specific Hours

The "Available in Hours" feature allows you to limit a certain category to be available only at certain times during the day or week.

This can be used for items that are only offered during specific times, for example a lunch menu that is available only on weekdays during lunch.

To change it you just need to enter the relevant times and days.

Hide when unavailable

Choose if you wish to hide a category if it's not available at the current time.

  • Checked - The category will be hidden when it's unavailable.

  • Unchecked - The category will be visible, but the customers will not be able to order from it.

This can be useful if you wish to show for example that you offer business lunch at certain times and would like to advertise it.

Tax Overrides

Depending on the tax laws in each location, you can choose to alter the tax of a certain category from the entire menu.

eg. tax for food is 8%, and drinks are taxed at 3%.

You can choose to change the tax in only certain locations, or in all (empty means all).


A picture is what will be shown if the menu is marked as a Sub-menu. if the menu is not marked as a sub-menu, the picture will have no effect.

Custom Prep Time

It necessary to configure two fields:

Prep Time (minutes) - the Prep time for the category. This will override the prep time.

This field will be relevant only if its value is greater than the prep time of the serving option.

Prep Time Error Message - the message that will be shown underneath an item from the category once it is selected in an unavailable time.

The error/custom message will be showing like this:

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