COVID-19 protection improvements for your online ordering

While we all face COVID-19 and keep our businesses running as best we can, Appfront is here to help. Please find below a few options and steps you can implement in order to ensure that everyone involved in food preparation and delivery can stay protected:

1. Notices

Under the locations page in the Appfront portal (Configure > Locations > Choose a location -> Edit):

Please find the "Notice" field:

You can edit your own verbiage:

In this field you can add any notices you wish to share with your customers while going through the ordering process. These notices will show up at the top of the online ordering menu:

You can read more about markdown formatting (bigger text, links, etc.) here:

2. Delivery Comments

We have confirmed with Doordash that all delivery comments added in the comments field are sent to the Door Dasher who will deliver the food:

3. Share sterilization efforts

Use the notices from point #1 to let your customers know that your restaurant is sterilized and they can feel safe ordering from you by adding a link to a movie or a page explaining your sterilization process.

To add a link to these notices, please use the following format: [Sterilization Behaviors in our Store](http://order.yourbusiness.con/sterilizationMovie) with square brackets for the name of the link followed by parenthesis for the actual link. This will show up as Sterilization Behaviors in our Store.

4. Multi delivery providers for one location

We have added the option to have both 3rd party delivery partners and in house delivery partners for the same locations, so if you are offering an in house delivery solution, you can widen your radius and have a larger circle of 3 miles using Doordash or Postmates.

We are here to assist and adapt if you have any requests or questions (email us at

5. Curbside Pickup

In order to make sure you don't have too many pickups at the same time in your restaurant location, you may need to enable Curbside Pickup, meaning that your customers will need to add their card details so you can find them outside and deliver their order.

To enable Curbside Pickup you will need to do the following two things:

1. Configure a special requests item (for Toast only)

Under Configure > Menu > Setup > Remark configuration - choose a $0 item in your Toast menu which we can use in order to add text as a special request comment to your order (In Toast we don't have an option to add comments to an entire order, only to an ordered item)

2. Add the curbside fields to the specific serving option you want to use.

Under Configure > Menu > Setup > Serving Options, fill the Mandatory text fields with the fields you would like your customers to add:

For example, write Car Number and Car Color

[Optional] Adding Curbside serving option

You can add a new serving option - with a type which you are not already using (be sure to copy prices from pickup).

* For Toast you will need to add a dining option in Toast called App Curb Side. Please send an email to before adding this serving option in Appfront as we need to edit the configuration of your locations to send correctly with this new Toast dining option.

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