Connecting 3rd Party Providers


In addition to the 3rd party integration, you need to make sure you've followed all the steps in our setup guide:


Connect Doordash Drive

This guide is for merchants that already have an account with Doordash Drive, in case you are not registered with them, please fill out the following form:

In order to enable Doordash Drive on Appfront, please reach out to us at and share with us your Business Name as it's registered on Doordash Drive.

In case you are a franchise, please specify the Business Name and the location it belongs to, for example:

Business Name: "Perfect Pizza Miami LTD" Locations: "Brickell and Aventura"

Connect Postmates

Setup account

Under your Postmates account, send us the Authentication Keys:

Please Copy-Paste the following fields into Email (string, not picture), and send to AppFront support:

  1. Customer ID

  2. Signature - Secret

  3. Delivery Api Keys (Sandbox Key & Production Key)

IMPORTANT! You need to have credit card on file to get the production key

Set Appfront's Webhook links: (Webhooks -> Create Webhook)

  • Sandbox Webhook:

  • Production Webhook:

Locate customer token

1. Log onto your Postmates dashboard at

2. Navigate to your developer tab in the dashboard

3. Locate customer token (ex: cus_8574hgjx)

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