Learn how to set up food allergens for your restaurant


In this guide, we will learn how to configure allergens for your business and how to add them to a menu item. Allergens can be configured and view on the menu item level, and will be prestented next to each item.
IMPORTANT - Appfront Do not take any responsibility for any issue thay might come up with your customers.

Customer Facing Preview

Once you set up the Allergens on Appfront portal, the customer will see that in a few places on the platform.

Allergens Button

A new button will appeard with a break down of all the Allergens you will add to the platform (see on top right - new Allergens button).

Allergens Menu

Once you click on this button, a pop up with all alleregens icon and desciption will be appear to the customer. Icons and descriptions it's something that you add by yourself on Appfront portal.
Next to each menu item, a new icon will appear, based on the setting.

How to Set Up Allergens

Configuring Allergens

First, go to the portal and sign in. Click Configure --> Menu --> Allergens (circled in red):
This is where you configure allergens for your business. They are general and will be available to configure for every menu item.
In order to create a new allergen, you will need to give it a title and a description (optional).
The title will be used to describe the allergen icon to the user in the allergens info list in the app. Further description is optional.
The tag is something unique for each allergen and can be used to substitute the icon in textual names within the modifiers and toppings - once you set a tag you cannot change it, so think about a good tag to describe the allergen. A tag has to be wrapped in [ ]. In order to add the icon to a modifier name - you can define an allergen of Gluten Free with the tag: [GF] and change the "Gluten Free" modifier to : "Gluten Free [GF]" and this will result in the following presentation:
In the image category, you will need to upload an SVG file for the allergen.
Next, click on save and you can see your allergen added to the list:
Here you can see an example of a gluten free allergen that was added.

Adding an Allergen to Menu Item

Now that we've added an allergen to our list, we will review how to add them to the actual menu item. So first we need to go to our menu (App Menu tab on current page). We will choose our item from the categories and click edit.
You will see now, an allergens category on the menu item. When clicking on it, a list opens up of all the allergens that we just configured. You can choose the allergens that are applicable for this menu item, add them and click save.
Congratulations! You've learned how to add and configure allergens for your business, you should be able to see the change in about 15 - 30 min.