Connecting Doordash Drive

Connect Dispatch to Doordash Drive

This is a super easy process. The only thing you will need to do, is add AppFront to Partner Connect under your POS portal.
My Integration
Choose Online Ordering
Add AppFront

Request to Activate Dispatch Service

Send request to AppFront team to enable the Dispatch service via:
Enable service

Delivery Enables

In order to be able to place delivery, you have to enable this optionn first
Choose Takeout / Delivery

Confirm Timing or When a Driver will be Triggered?

AppFront Dispatch will trigger drivers 20 minutes before they should pick up the order (i.e. - [Prep time] + [Delivery Time] - 20 minutes)
DONT FORGET! - to save and publish your changes/updates!

Place an Order (Online / In-Store)

All delivery orders from online, and also from In-store (ordered by phoned and then typed in as delivery), will trigger Dispatch
Place Order Online
Or In-Store

Order Created!

Ticket is Printed
AppFront Activity Log
** Click on tracking id to follow order
A mission is created in Doordash

Delivery and Driver Assigned

Live Map
Customer receive link via Sms text to track order.
Track Order from Activiy Log

Get Notification for every Delivery

You can get an email for every delivery .

Selecting when to notify a DoorDash courier

Depending on the type of restaurant and the area you cover, you may want to change when we alert DoorDash to pickup your order.
This needs to be configured in 2 ways:

How long to wait before alerting DoorDash if an order is placed for "Now" (ASAP)

In the location settings, in the delivery area box, you have a field that is labeled "Delay (in seconds)". For example, if you want to alert DoorDash to an order only 10 minutes after it has been placed, select 600 seconds.

When to notify DoorDash to pickup an order in a future delivery

If an order is placed for a future date (for example: a customer places an order at 9 am for 4 pm), you can choose how much of a drive time to allow DoorDash.
As before, this may vary according to the type of restaurant you operate, and how large the area is.
Our default is 45 minutes prior to when the delivery is due (using the example from before, if the order is scheduled to arrive at 4 pm, the Dasher is prompted to pick it up at 3:15 pm, and to deliver it at around 4 pm - depending on DoorDash's availability and schedule).
If you want to shorten the time (most notably if you deliver food that should arrive to the customer hot), you can set the time yourself.
In the POS parameters enter posDeliveryDuration, and in the field next to it enter the amount of time you want to alert DoorDash prior to the delivery time, in minutes.
Again, using the same example from before, if a delivery is scheduled to arrive at 4 pm, and the setup is like the one in the image (25 minutes), the Dasher will be scheduled to pick up the meal at 3:35 pm.
This is only for the dispatch service. This field does not affect deliveries placed through the app.