Setting Up a Campaign & Coupon

Coupon Set Up & Sending Notifications

Header & Text

  • Coupon Header – The title of the coupon that the customer views first

  • Background Image – Select Image to be the background of the Campaign (the picture must be smaller than 400 KB).

  • Coupon Description – A detailed explanation of what the customer is receiving

Percentage Discount

  • Coupon Discount Percent – The percentage offered as a discount to the customer for the deal. This may apply to one or more items.

    • example - Coupon Discount Percent: 100 -- The item is free

Coupon Discount Percent: 50 -- The item is half priced


Expiration Date – Set the date the coupon will expire and no longer be valid

Time Duration – Set an amount of time the coupon will remain valid

  • this time can be length from 1 second until infinity (∞)

Visual Example (View Image Below)

  • By setting the Time Duration to 1 Week and Expiration Date to the end of the month, the deal remains active until the expiration date.

    Expiration Date overrules Time Duration

Coupon Availability Hours

This option allows you to limit the times a customer can use a coupon.

For example: in the above picture, the customer can only use it on weekdays between 2 and 4 pm, on a Saturday between 5 and 8 pm, and cannot use it on a Sunday.

Free & Condition Products & Money amount

Campaigns can be set in a multitude of ways:

  • Gift a customer:

    • gift a product

    • gift a money amount

  • Condition a gift:

    • a gift can be conditioned if buying above a certain amount, or if buying a specific product.

In the "Condition" field, you enter what the customer has to buy in order to receive the gift.

In the "Gift" field, you enter what the customer receives.\

While selecting items for the fixed deal, you may select multiple items easily with the Items Selector:

pageMultiple Items Selector

Coupon Examples

Gift - The customer will receive a 10" Big Fat Pizza.

Gift - Money Amount Discount - Gift a customer a 5$ discount. the upper field is the lowest amount a customer can use the coupon with. meaning, if a customer only buys a product that costs 3$ (higher than 2 in this example), they can use the coupon and discard the rest.

Conditional Gift - Discounted Product - If the customer will purchase a 10" Big Fat Pizza or a 10" Simple Skinny, they will receive a free Marinara pizza, aka BOGO (Buy One Get One).

Multiple product and gift - If the customer will purchase 2 Craft Your Own pizzas, they will receive 2 free San Pellegrinos. (all in the same order, gifts cannot accrue).

Minimum Amount for Discounted Product - If a customer's order is greater than 15$, they will receive Honest Tea for 50% off.

Conditional Amount for Amount - If a customer's order is greater than 50$, they will receive a 5$ discount.

Conditional Amount When Buying Product - if a customer buys a 10" Craft Your Own, they will receive a 5$ discount.

Serves as money - if this is checked the coupon is equivalent to a money discount. it can be used with other coupons, and can be used on the condition product. (e.g. the 10" marinara will get an automatic 5$ discount). if this field is not checked, the coupon can only be used on other products than the condition product.

Include modifiers - if this button is checked, all modifiers and toppings on an item will also have the same discount as the item. (for example - a free pizza with all toppings for free). if this button is not checked, the item will have a discount, but all modifiers will be priced regularly.

Available in Branches

Select in which branch the Campaign is available to the recipient. If the field is empty it can be used in all locations.

Available for Serving Options

Select in which serving options the campaign is available for. This option is especially useful in case you'd like to create a coupon that is available in specific serving options, for example:

  • Creating a 'Free Delivery' campaign by setting the campaign as available to delivery only, and setting the gift to take $X off of the customer's check, according to the delivery price.

  • Serving option specific promotions, such as 'BOGO Bacon Burgers for Delivery Orders Only!'

Notify Customer

Select how the customer is notified of their coupon or discount

  1. By Push Notification – Customer receives a push notification on their mobile phone.

  2. By SMS – Customer receives SMS (text message).

  3. By Email - Customer receives a custom email.

Coupon Options - Select redemption or sharing options for the customer

  1. Allow Sharing – Customer has the option to send the coupon to a friend

  2. Allow Donating – Customer can donate their reward to a designated cause

  3. Online only (no scanning/store level) – Customer can use coupon only when submitting an order online and cannot use coupon with scanning in store.

  4. Original users can only share – Customer who receives coupon must share it and cannot redeem it for their own use

Uncheck Allow Sharing and check Original users can only share. The customer receives the coupon but can only read the description, as he cannot share the coupon nor redeem it. This coupon is for Advertising purposes only. Coupon Options – Select redemption or sharing options for the customer

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