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Adding a Visit to a User
Adding a visit or money amount to a user who hasn't scanned
If a customer has not scanned his app while at the store, and you want to add a visit to his counter:
You first go to "Customers"
Customers tab on the left of the dashboard
Then you look up the customer via their e-mail or phone number:
Look up a customer
On the bottom right (below Timeline Activity) there is an option to "Manually add Visit/Payment" (the first option)
Press on "Manually add Visit/Payment"
Once you open it a sub-menu will open up, allowing you to enter the details:
    Location of visit (which branch)
    Purchase amount
    Purchase Identifier (usually a receipt number)
    Time of Visit (date)
Adding a visit
Press on Add Visit, and then refresh, and it will show you the customer's visit.
Final step
Notice: Adding a visit to a user will not trigger Cashback, only add value for the next Cashback event. Cashback event is only triggered through an online order or scanning at the store.
Last modified 2yr ago
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