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Adding a Visit to a User

Adding a visit or money amount to a user who hasn't scanned

If a customer has not scanned his app while at the store, and you want to add a visit to his counter:

You first go to "Customers"

Customers tab on the left of the dashboard

Then you look up the customer via their e-mail or phone number:

Look up a customer

On the bottom right (below Timeline Activity) there is an option to "Manually add Visit/Payment" (the first option)

Press on "Manually add Visit/Payment"

Once you open it a sub-menu will open up, allowing you to enter the details:

  • Location of visit (which branch)

  • Purchase amount

  • Purchase Identifier (usually a receipt number)

  • Time of Visit (date)

Adding a visit

Press on Add Visit, and then refresh, and it will show you the customer's visit.

Final step

Notice: Adding a visit to a user will not trigger Cashback, only add value for the next Cashback event. Cashback event is only triggered through an online order or scanning at the store.