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Loyalty & CRM


AppFront is a 360 restaurant digital platform. Our platform allow restaurant to communicate with their customers through any digital Chanel (Cross platform Omni Channel solution), online and in-store.

In-Store Sign Up Tablet

Allow customer to sign up to the loyalty program via a tablet that is places in store

In Store Sign Up


Customers can sign up to loyalty program from in-store tablet (only Apple iPads), and all rewards that were set up will be applied for him for every purchase from now on

Set Up Overview

  • Need to install AppFront In-Store solution for each tablet that runs the application.

  • AppFront application is running on Apple's iPad only

  • In order to install, AppFront will need your Apple-Id

  • AppFront application is currently runninng on Apple's enviroment (see below) [will be update later this year]

Download Test Flight

Install Test Flight

Request for invitation to download the Application from AppFront

  1. Send your Apple ID to your AppFront's accout manager and request an In - Store app invitation. (Please make sure to Activate your Account if you just created one for this occasion)

  2. AppFront will then send you an app invitation (from AppStore Connect / iTunes Store).

Your In Store app Inivitation

Upload Application

Now that received the innvitation, please follow up with your AppFront Rep to push the Application.

Customers Look Up

Customers can be identified for in-store transactions by either using their mobile app (with QR code) or by giving their email/phone number or name.

To Watch VIDEO - click here: VIDEO

In-Store Sign Up - POS

The in-store sign up capability gives you the option to sign up customers directly from your POS, using the same mechanism as the customer lookup option. The flow is simple:

  • Enter the customer phone number

  • Send a SMS text message with a link to sign up, directly to the customer phone number.

  • Customer click on the link and register

Send Sign Up Link:

Go to: Rewards

-> Look up Customer -> Look Up Customer:

Customer Look up

Click on the lookup option:

In the phone number field insert '0'

And then add the customer's phone number, and then press "Go" and choose the customer's new account:

If you receive the error message shown below, please contact Toast to resolve this as the root cause is within their system:

Text Message for sign up:

The customer will receive a SMS with a link for ordering and scanning.

Customer facing

There are 2 options for the customer facing page:

Link to sign up page:

Sign Up link

Link to QR code for redemption:

Warning: if the customer already has an account it will not be merged with the new one.


Overview - Why scanning?

Scanner is a great solution for closing in-store communication and marketing promotions with your customers. Scanning QR is much faster than typing phone number or name, and this is the reason for doing it. With scanning QR code you can do the following:

  • Redeem Coupon / points

  • Collect visits / points

  • Pay - TBD

Set Up

Toast POS - Honeywall Genesis 7580g (with USB)

2D with USB Scanner

QR code Configuration

There is some configuration that needs to be done to set up a scanner with the Toast tablets. You will need a Honeywell 7580G-2 and if QR scanning functionality has not been set up already on that device, you will need to scan several QR codes to properly set it up:, (see pages 6-38).

You need to scan 3 barcodes, one after the other in order to enable scanning:

The scanner's default is to scan paper and not LED screens. you may have difficulty scanning from the phone/computer. To get the best results while setting up the device, print this first and scan from the paper.

While setting up you will also have to press the trigger button while scanning.

Step 1) Enabling QR codes:

Step 2) Enabling using QR codes with the tablet:

Step 3) Allowing the scanner to scan from a phone, without clicking the trigger button:

Optional A) Turn Scanner LED Off immediately after reading the barcode:

Optional B) LED Illumination:

Scanning with Toast

In Toast, After starting a new order (and adding all of the customer's items), press on Rewards

Customers Look Up - name, phone, email

And then "Lookup or redeem"

(old version) And then you'll see this screen:

  • If you're using a Honeywell scanner, just scan the QR code with the scanner (you don't need to press anything).

  • If you're using the tablet's camera, press on the "Scan QR code with Camera" and then scan with the camera.

(new version) In Toast's new loyalty the screen has changed to the following screen:

In this setup, you don't need to press anything in order to scan. just place the QR code in front of the reader and the reader will scan the barcode. If you'll press on "Scan" you'll be forwarded to the front facing camera in order to scan the barcode using the camera.

Ask the customer to scan his/her QR code:

Just open the app, on the home page screen, you should see a button says "SCAN"

App QR code - face to scanner

Redeeming a gift

You can view the following video in order to learn how to redeem a coupon.

All customer's relevant coupons will be displayed, and a visit will be added to the customer on Appfront's system.

Scanning with Revel

Start a new order

Start new order

Open customers

Click on search

Take your scanner, and scan the customer's QR code

If the customer was registed by the App or Online, the system will recognize him/her

The customer's name and id will Pop Up

Choose the customer

Now everything you order will apply to the customer's profile

Discount Applied to the customer profile