Using items for coupons (with Toast)

In order to work with specific items for coupons, the items have to be first imported from Toast. This is true for both the "gift" item and the "condition" item.

Configuring which items will be pulled

In order for us to import items, they need to be marked in Toast both "Orderable online" and the visibility should be set to "Hidden" or "All".
Example 1:
"Juicery" is marked as visible and orderable online, and will be pulled.
"Retail" is marked as not orderable online, and will not pulled.
Example 2:
While the menu is set to "Order online - Yes", the visibility is marked as "Pos Only" and will not be pulled.

Working with hidden items

You may want to create special items that can only be used with coupons, For example a specialty pizza, or a free small coffee, and you don't want to show the item in the menu.
In order to do so, the item has to be first pulled from Toast, so it must be both orderable online and the visibility to either "Hidden" or "Yes".
Once it has been pulled from Toast, go in to the Appfront backend and when you hover over the category you should see 4 icons on the right.
If you'll click on the 2 leftmost icons, the items in the category will be hidden from the menu, but can still be used in a coupon or deal.
This is how it should be displayed
Once this is completed, you can carry on to configure you coupon just like you would with any other item.