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Setting your brand domain for your online ordering site instead of

Setup Overview

1. Appfront will provide the certificate for your domain; please send a request to [email protected] (or [email protected] if your application isn't live yet) with the domain / subdomain you wish to use for your online ordering site.
2. You will receive an email from AWS - Amazon Web Services Certificate manager - to verify that you own the domain to one of the following email addresses:
3. Once you have approved this email, we will be able to accept this domain for your online ordering site, and connect a valid SSL Certificate for secure browsing.
4. You will then need to go to your domain provider and define a CNAME with the path Appfront will provide for you in their follow up email
Go to your domain provider - and define a CNAME for to (without http or https!) which you will receive from Appfront.

GoDaddy: Instructions for adding CNAME

Google Domains: Instructions for adding CNAME

5. Save the changes; your domain has now updated!
Last modified 3mo ago