Publish ALL stores

Appfront servers get the updates from the POS ONLY when you click on the publish button. Clicking on publish will create a notification and will send the new data to Appfront.

This is probably the first thing you would lie to check - need to make sure that everything is up to date.

Published all items

Make sure that the item level was updated in the POS before publishing

Gift Card Set up

Google Ordering (Order with Google)

Set up

All setup should be done from the Appfront portal, including setting up the external credit card processing (via Card Connect)

Register your Merchant Account

Once setup is completed you should receive an email to set up your usename/pass:

Add CardConnect/Fiserv ACH ID (G592126793)

In order to receive and get payments to your bank account, you will need to add CardConnect/Fiserv ACH ID (G592126793) to your checking account

Appfront will sync your menu with the Google Platfrom (search and maps) according to your Online ordering menu availability. If it's visible to Appfront's online ordering, then it will be synced to Google. Same behavior for 86 etc. Menu update - takes about 30 minutes

Payment Processing

Appfront had to integrated to external processing - direct integration with a processor. Our pricing is cheaper than Stripe and best product we we thought would be for our customer. Deposits are once a day and you will get it directly to your bank account.

How it will appear in the POS?

With a new serving option - Google Ordering Via Appfront. In order to make it easy tracking - it will be set up as a new payment option.

Processing Questionnaire

What timeframe within which batching will occur?

All batching occurs automatically at 9:30pm EST, anything ran past that time would fall into the following day’s batch.

Can I modify the batch?

The merchant can adjust the batch out time in Cardpointe on the Admin>Batching tab. They will need to make sure they uncheck the box at the top and delete the 9:30 time stamp before saving the new time.

Do you have support?

If the merchant would like someone on the CP support team to walk them through this, they can contact the specialized team—

Support Email:

Support Phone: 877-828-0720

POS Setup

Payment Type

Add Appfront Payment Type in the POS


In order to see how much money went through, you can check it via the processing portal or via the POS.


All transactions are mapped to Appfront's payment

Via Merchant Account

The numbers should match. Under the statements, you should be able to see the breakdown and deposit.

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