Setting up STAR printers

Printing to AppFront Printer (STAR printer) aside your Point of Sale


The printer works by contacting our servers. The printer calls our servers every 5 seconds (can be changed), and asks our servers if there are any orders to print. If the printer receives an order, it will print it immediately.

For the printers you will need:

  1. Electricity

  2. Internet connection - either through WiFi or LAN cable

  3. Paper roll properly fed inside it

  4. On the bottom of the printer you will find the printer's MAC address.

The printer's manual can be found here:

How to configure a printer?

To configure the printer, please connect the printer to the local network (by wire), and go into your internet browser in order to configure the printer by following the steps below:

  1. Connect the printer to electricity.

  2. Connect the printer to the local network by cable (LAN/Ethernet cable).

  3. Open the printer and put a roll of paper inside, in a way that you the outer side of the paper is facing you, close the lid on the paper -leaving a bit of it outside.

  4. Press & hold the "Feed" button on the front, then turn on the printer, count (Exactly) 5 seconds, then release the "Feed" button. The printer should print some information, and about 30 seconds later, it will print more information which should contain "Ethernet Network" followed by the IP Address of the printer.

    1. If it prints other things, please try again and make sure that you count exactly 5 seconds.

    2. Another way is to guess the ip address. if you know the ip addresses of your local network (i.e., etc.), you can just guess the next number the printer will take, one should work.

  5. Use the found IP address and go into the following url with your IP Address in the following format: http://[IP ADDRESS]. For example if the found IP address was:, please browse to

  6. On the left of the webpage please select login and enter the following credentials:

    1. Username: root

    2. password: public

Send us the following information:

MAC ADDRESS which appears on top of browser’s screen For example 00:11:62:0D:62:C6 this is the specific identifier we need in order to print orders to the location to this printer.

WIFI setup:

Basic setup:

In the printer config website go to Wireless configuration

Press on "Site Survey" - Enter

Choose the relevant WiFi and click on "Select"

In the next screen enter your WiFi password:

You should see the following screen:

Go to Save, and the printer should auto-restart.

****Once it restarts, run a test with the cable disconnected.


  1. Go to page 15 Tasks A1-A4

  2. Page 18

  3. Make sure you don’t mix passphrase and hex

  4. Press CONNECT

  5. Press SAVE

Connect the printer to AppFront servers:

  1. On the side menu press CloudPRNT

  2. SELECT Enable

  3. Set Polling time - 20 SEC

  4. Username: star Password: justprintit!

  5. Press SUBMIT

  6. Press SAVE

Change the printer password from the default password

  1. Go to Configuration/Change password

  2. Choose root Configuration

  3. Old Password: public Change new password: justprintit!

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